“The anatomy of the foot intrigues me, especially the silhouette. I don’t want to hide the foot; my aim is to compliment it. I want my shoes to be like a perfectly cut couture gown; beautifully form-fitting, perfectly crafted.”

“I am inspired by all and any matters of life which surround me, inspiration very dynamic. Everything inspires me! My mind is continuously racing with designs, whether it’s something I feel, or touch, maybe something I see – it inspires me. Design is a rich tapestry of sensory and intellectual experience.”

Once upon a time, in the city of Melbourne, Australia, a young girl with a creative soul was born. Her name was Lana Volkov. During Lana’s childhood, she would endlessly draw shoes using anything that was available – paper, napkins, pencils, paint… She collected every pair she ever owned, secretly ‘stealing’ her mother’s as well, to cut them into parts and re-design them in order to develop her own styles. Her home slowly transformed into a shoe workshop. As the years passed, Lana continued to be magnetised by shoes that were unique, beautiful and bold: representative of her own personal character. Her obsession and desire to immerse herself in the footwear world would become her destiny…

After finishing high school, Lana studied an Industrial Design degree at Swinburne University. There, she extended her knowledge of mixed materials, as well as widening her horizons of the variety of innovative trends in the field of design. Lana later attended RMIT University and studied Custom-Made Footwear and Design, where she was trained to hand-make bespoke shoes.

Lana’s fashion venture had now evolved greatly from her initial practise as a made-to-order footwear designer, in her personal atelier, at home. In the manner of a couturier, she began designing and hand-making extravagant one-of-a-kind footwear for special occasions. However, her ambitions overflowed: she fantasised about becoming an international luxury shoe artist.

True to form, Lana’s aspiration did not remain a mere notion: she quickly turned her dream into a reality. She travelled globally to source materials and work alongside skilled craftspeople in Australia, Asia and the Middle East, gaining invaluable experience and training in the shoe and leather-making trade. She journeyed, she observed, she fell and picked herself up, she worked determinedly to make her vision come true. Through years of working in fashion and footwear, Lana developed an in-depth proficiency of numerous techniques in shoe production. This fuelled her professional wanderlust, chasing her curiosity overseas… following her heart, she had the good fortune to land in Italy, where her brand blossomed.

Soon, Lana began collaborating with a footwear atelier in the country’s north to bring to life further designs, using the finest quality resources, materials and manufacturing techniques. After five years of travelling between Australia and Italy, Lana found a new home in Bologna. Basing herself there ensured that she could work consistently and closely with her factory to realise her singular ‘Made in Italy’ creations. The move also invigorated Lana, and her imagination and creativity continue to grow, surrounded by the riches of Italian history and culture.

Lana Volkov’s handmade shoes have graced runways at MFW, VAMFF, L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Week, Myer Fashion on the Fields, and have been featured on Fashion TV Australia as well as in fashion editorials internationally. They have likewise been presented in Milan and Paris weeks and ALTAROMA, and have adorned the feet of the Miss Australia Caris Tiivel, Olympia Valance, Sharon Johal and Benedetta Mazza. Lana’s shoes have been featured in Bazaar,, Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Claire, Daily Mail UK, Buzzfeed USA, as well as various Italian publications.

Lana’s Inspirations…

Bold colour and a love for the arts have always remained significant points of reference, as well as her amateur dance career, which led her to fall in love with the movement, beauty, and grace that luxury footwear bestows upon the human form. Above all, however, her inspiration comes from women: women of the past and the present, women who push the limits and boundaries of the life we live every day.

With women as her muses, her work is devoted to making them feel special. Lana reveals to the world her own vision of a fearless and elegant woman; her strong heroine. With her expertise in leather craftsmanship, Lana creates quirky, evocative and covetable shoes that express the essence and character of the modern woman.

Lana is a shoe artisan who fashions elegant and alluring statement designs to complement the feet and accentuate the female form and spirit. Her shoes are made with care and attention to detail; tradition stands out over trends, each design is the bearer of a distinctive meaning; an inclination towards unpredictability, perfectly representing Lana’s own spirit.