Lana Volkov is a shoe artist.

She designs shoes with the intention of making captivating and desirable footwear for the modern woman. Created from the heart, her shoes express the inner soul of a woman, her warmth, sexuality, harmony, temptation, power and love.

By pushing the boundaries and not ‘playing it safe’, she strikes the perfect balance between classic design and a twist of artistic flair. Lana Volkov shoes are for the ‘fearless woman, who takes the stand’. Her designs exude boldness, beauty and elegance.

The designer aspires to make women feel confident, sensual and on top of the world in timeless, chic shoes, that express themselves through a distinctive and unique blend of varying colours, textures, accessories and exotic materials. Each design has personal symbolism and sentiment.

The brands DNA combines impeccable craftsmanship, intricate detailing, versatility and style. The brand philosophy extends to the entire ‘shoe lifecycle’ – from designing and construction. The signature “X” – the flirty tassels that have become a signature in her collection – crafted by gifted artisans in the finest shoe ateliers in north of Italy. Lana prioritizes her time guaranteeing each shoe is made to perfection, is undeniably comfortable, luxurious and carries a touch of exclusivity.

The logo has been designed to portray an exclamation to signify boldness and brilliance, a silhouette of a high heel, an elegant and mysterious woman. Lana’s designs captivate the consumer and finds the perfect balance between high fashion and the commerciality to create the dream shoe.

Tirelessly creating collections that are diverse, timeless and appealing to a plethora of personalities, each shoe has its own unique character, utilising movement, to evoke life and glamour.

“I make sure that the human touch is utilised in each step of the manufacturing process.” says Lana.