REBIRTH symbolises life, growth and liberty.

REBIRTH is a visual representation of Lana Volkov’s journey in realising her dream as a designer shoe artist. Colour and movement play an essential role; each colour is carefully combined to express a reaction and connection to the shoe style.

The curvy elevated counters express a woman’s natural voluptuousness, supporting her to feel confident in her skin. The hand-crafted tassels gracefully dance with her hips, an expression of movement and the desire of the free spirit.

The materials of contrast: exotic and intrecciato-woven leathers are layered to create texture and depth in a physical metaphor for the tumultuous waves of life. The provocative features such as partial exposure of toes suggest mystery, power and seduction. Finally, the classic shapes of the lasts hold a link to femininity; romance, classiness and timeless elegance…

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