“The anatomy of the foot intrigues me, especially the silhouette. I don’t want to hide the foot in material, my aim is to compliment it, I want my shoes to be like a perfectly cut couture gown; beautifully form fitting, perfectly crafted.”

“I am inspired by all and any matters of life which surround me, inspiration very dynamic.  Everything inspires me!  My mind is continuously racing with designs, whether it’s something I feel, or touch, maybe something I see- it inspires me. Design is a rich tapestry of sensory and intellectual experience.”

An artisan, creating elegant and alluring designs that complement the feet and accentuate the female form and spirit. Lana Volkov has launched her eponymous footwear collection, the self-described ‘shoe artist’ combines her passion for contemporary design, art and beauty with her expertise in luxury leather craftsmanship to create desirable, evocative and covetable shoes that express the essence and character of the modern woman.

Lana’s passion for shoes began during her childhood, where she would endlessly draw shoes. She collected every pair she ever owned and secretly stole mother’s to re-design them and cut them into parts to make her own personalised creations. She wanted to wear footwear that was unique, bold and representative of her personal style. This passion for uniqueness, to wear shoes that were re-created and re-designed in intimate detail, has been a mainstay of Lana’s approach to design and manufacturing throughout her career. Lana’s business has evolved from her initial practise as a bespoke footwear designer in her personal atelier at home. In 2012, at just 21 years old. In the manner of a couturier, she began designing and hand-making extravagant one-of-a-kind footwear for special clients across Australia and overseas.

In addition to these private commissions, Lana Volkov’s custom made shoes have graced the runways at MFW, VAMFF, L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Week, Myer Fashion on the Fields, featured on Fashion TV Australia and in fashion editorial publications internationally.

After finishing high school, Lana began an Industrial Design course at Swinburne University, as she wanted to further develop and excel her knowledge in using mixed materials to understand other ways to be innovative in the field of design. Lana later attended RMIT University – Custom made Footwear and Design, where she was trained to hand-make custom shoes. Lana traveled globally to source materials and work alongside footwear artisans.

During this time, Lana developed an intimate knowledge of each culture’s techniques in crafting footwear. This developed a professional wanderlust in Lana, more curiosity and more travel, eventuating in her fateful journey to Italy and the coalescence of her creative practice and her brand emerged. Following her heart to Italy, she began collaborating with a footwear atelier in the country’s north to create her first designs, using the finest quality resources, materials and manufacturing techniques. This factory she now calls her ‘Italian Family’.

Lana has now developed her first luxury collection and has launched the exclusive footwear brand ‘Lana Volkov’ recognised by its boldness, beauty and elegance, phenomenal craftsmanship and intimate detail.